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Suction Vibrator Clit Licker Toy

WINNER of XBIZ Sex Toy of the Year 2021! The Seduction simulates oral sex by combining suction with licking sensations!

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Explosive - Clit Sucking Vibrator

The sucking vibrator is designed to simulate realistic oral pleasure, sucks and vibrates the clitoris or nipples with 9 different modes from gentle to wild, let you have the new climax experience.

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Jubilee - G Spot Vibrator Clit Flicker

With 10 different licking & 9 different vibrating modes, the clitoral vibrator will constantly stimulate your clitoris and G spot simultaneously to help you reach orgasm. Feel free to switch modes to suit your desires and enjoy the endless excitement

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Angel - Triple Tease Clit Sucking Vibrator G Spot Stimulator

The new female vibrator is equipped with 3 separate motors for the suking, licking and vibration functions. Use the tongue stimulator to tease your clitoris first when you feel it cumming, then start the vibration functions so you can climax quickly.

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