We believe that everyone deserves an empowering and healthy sex life at Honey Play Box. When it comes to how you discover and purchase toys you want to use, you should not have to make compromises. As a result, we are on a mission to provide a fantastic overall experience by making pleasure available to everyone through high-quality items at reasonable rates. Honey Play Box, founded in 2019, is a pleasure-positive movement that provides access to high-quality intimate products, excellent customer service, and cutting-edge technology to better our clients' lives. We've created a one-of-a-kind shopping experience for everyone with a handpicked selection of thousands of high-quality products.

Today, Honey Play Box stands as a leading brand for independent people interested in exploring their sexuality.

Reliable Service

Since HoneyPlayBox’s inception, great service has been our priority. We source from reliable suppliers and provide detailed product information. The ease of communication and accuracy have been pillars of our business.
Unlike other online stores we don't transfer your order to the third party for processing. It stays within our system until shipped. Our warehouse facility is equipped with top notch technology that ensures fast, accurate and secure service.

Your orders are packed in discreet boxes.
No one will find out what it contains.

We ship your order within 24 hours. We don't want to keep you waiting.

Because of our effectiveness we were able to reduce shipping fees
with free shipping for orders starting from $69.
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Every order goes through a special QC process virtually eliminating mis-ships and errors.

Our return policy is fair and square. You can find it here